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Checkout troubleshooting guide

Sarah Storm checkout troubleshooting guide

At Sarah Storm we want to give our customers the best trouble free online shopping experience possible. However, if you experience any problems at checkout it may be due to certain factors which are beyond our control. If you do encounter any problems then please contact us to let us know.

But first you might like to read the following advice to see if it will rectify the problem.

Clearing the cache and deleting unwanted cache items and junk files can often solve problems you may have during the checkout process. If you are experiencing a situation where you cannot complete the checkout or having difficulty getting past the robot captcha form which can show up if you are revisiting more than once within a 24 hour period, then please try the following procedure. The steps outlined below can also have the benefit of helping your mobile device to run faster.

These particular instructions are specific to iphone and ipad users but clearing the cache from the browser on any device can also have similar benefits.

Step 1: Delete the Safari cache on your iPhone or iPad

The cache files stored on your iphone or ipad may be the cause of your problem. Let's start by clearing out the caches on your Safari browser. Please note that if you are already logged into a website while following these steps then this procedure will automatically log you out.

  1. First, go to 'Settings' and scroll down to the section where it says 'Safari' and tap this option.
  2. Next, scroll down to where it says 'Clear History and Website Data' and tap this option. This will remove cookies, history and other browsing date.

Step 2: Clean app data on your iPhone or iPad

Data stored by other apps can be cleaned out using the 'Usage' option in 'Settings'.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, tap Settings and then scroll to 'General' and tap this option. Now tap 'Storage & iCloud Usage'.
  2. Next, tap 'Manage Storage'.
  3. Now select any app that's taking up a lot of space. Select that app if you don't need it and tap on 'Delete App'.
  4. If you prefer to keep the app then first check the 'Documents & Data'. If it's taking up more than 500MB of space then it's still worth deleting it and and reinstalling the app. This will clear up space and provide a clean install without all the data and documents.

Step 3: Free up memory by restarting your iPhone or iPad

Generally speaking, iOS will manage your memory quite effectively without you needing to do anything, but restarting your iPhone occasionally is a good way to clear the memory and ensure that important apps have enough memory to use.

How to restart your iPhone:

  1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button (on the top or at the top-right of the device) until 'slide to power off' appears.
  2. Swipe the power off slider.
  3. Wait until the device has fully powered down, then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn the iPhone back on.
Doing this on a regular basis can be useful, particularly on older iphone models. After following these procedures you should see a marked difference in the speed of your iphone and have no problem going through the Sarah Storm checkout. However, if you do still have a problem then please contact us for further advice and support.