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The history of magnetism has been written by the earth itself. The earth‘s strong magnetic field has a direct influence on all life. This is associated with the electromagnetic vibrations of atoms, which form the core of every living being.

This influence was recognised extremely early in human history, and the therapeutic properties of magnets were used for healing purposes Pre-Christian civilisations, such as the Chinese, used magnetic stones in conjunction with acupuncture points in order to remedy imbalances in the human body, and to allow the ‘Chi’, or life energy, once again to flow freely.

In 1999 Petra Döring started designing magnetic jewellery. She focused on classical colours and shapes, current trends, personal preferences and her own inspiration to put together to put together a wonderful range of matching items of jewellery that perfectly complemented one another – from bracelets and chains to rings and earrings. She also combined design and efficacy, because each item is equipped with high quality magnets.

The whole MAGNETIX Collection has now developed its own unmistakeable 'signature' to be found in every piece of jewellery and in every accessory – with masterly design and meticulous production.

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