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The jewellery we sell

Magnetic bracelets

It is thought that the gentle magnetic flux polarises the blood as it flows past, enabling oxygen to be removed more freely. Magnetic Hematite is a naturally occurring substance that can be ground and reformed into magnetic beads.

It is believed it relieves inflammation and promote the healing process. It can also aid blood circulation, remove harmful toxins, promote healthy new cell growth, enhance energy and calm emotions.

Wearers of pacemakers and pregnant women should avoid wearing this product.

Paua Shell

Paua shell is also referred to as the“Sea Opal” due to its striking blues, greens and fiery flashes and the iridescent patterns that change as they catch the light.

Paua shell is sustainably sourced as a bi-product from the Farmed Fishing Industry of New Zealand is never dredged or free fished.

According to Maori practice, giving Paua shell is considered extremely lucky and is believed to bring sensitivity, harmony, prosperity and peace to the wearer.

Statement Necklaces

These necklaces are chosen to make you stand out from the crowd. We have tried to pick pieces that are a bit different and change the look of any outfit. They are high quality pieces made of a mixture of metals, but do not contain nickel or lead. To help maintain their condition avoid spraying perfume on them and store out of the light when not wearing.

All our costume jewellery is Hypo Allergenic and the chains we supply with our pendants our Silver Plated.

Our Silver Range is 925 Silver for the pendants, Earrings and chains. Chain styles may vary.

Jewellery comes wrapped in tissue paper in a organza or velvet pouch.

If you have any questions about the jewellery please contact us.